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Ep. 80 Realtor Advice: Qualifying Buyers with Commission Income

Credit and provable income are the two most important items when it comes to qualifying for a...

Ep. 79 The Best Way to Refer

Attention Realtors! Do you need help converting buyers into pre-approvals? Realtors refer their...

Ep. 78 We Can Close Single Wide Manufactured Homes

Hello! I have news for you that you may or not care about but I still want to share it with you...

Ep. 77 Should You Send Your Lender Your Home Inspection?

As a Realtor, you may have seen a buyer try to send the lender the home inspection.

Ep. 76 Borrower Information: Why Was My Mortgage Sold?!

This week we transferred servicing of a small amount of loans to another company. We proactively...

Ep. 75 Fannie Mae Condo Rule Changes

Hello! Many of you know that in June 2021, the Champlain Towers South Condos in Miami collapsed. 98...

Ep. 74 2022 FHA Loan Limits Increase

Lots of changes in the mortgage business this week for the upcoming year of 2022.

Ep. 73 New Conventional Loan Limits!

More Borrowing Power with Better Rates!

Ep. 72 Realtor Tips to Deal With Flood Insurance Changes

Realtor Tips on Flood Insurance Changes with Brian Chapman of Chapman Insurance

Ep. 71 Flood Insurance Increases Are Here

If you live in a flood zone or want to own a house in a flood zone, you will want to tune in for...
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