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Ep. 90 REALTOR TIP: Current Reasons to Call Your Database

I know most Realtors will try to keep in touch with their database so I thought I would throw you a...

Ep.89 Who Is On Your Team?

I was reminded last week on how important it is for all of us to control the transaction as much as...

Ep.88 Buyer Is Forced to Use Builder's Lenders

Oh boy is this a rough one for us lenders. We Pre-Approve the buyer. Underwrite the entire file....

Ep. 87 Solutions for High Net Worth Buyers WITH No Income

Asset Depletion Loans

Ep. 86 We Can Do Bridge Loans!

How to Buy a Home WITHOUT Having Your Current Home Sold!

Ep. 85 Foreign National Loans |ITIN Loans

Foreign National loans are for people that are not residents of the US. In this episode, myself and...

Ep. 84 Investor Cash Flow Loan | DSCR Explained

In this episode myself and Stacey Flanigan discuss the Investor Cash Flow Loan aka DSCR.

Ep. 83 Bank Statement Loan Explained

Making mortgages easier for Self Employed buyers

Ep. 82 Realtors, Don't Give Up!

I just wanted to offer some words of encouragement to you and a few pieces of advice to help your...

Ep. 81 Qualifying Your Buyer That Has Commission Income

Many of your buyers may have commission, bonus or overtime income.
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