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Buying a home, whether its your first home, or your 5th its a big decision and our team wants you to be comfortable with it from start to finish. So check out this page browse the site, we want it to be your resource.

We also know that sometimes more knowledge brings about more questions, so if while you are browsing our library of information you have questions just pick up the phone and give us a call at 239-437-4278. Or drop us a message!


Not sure how to get started?
Tim sheds light on your most commonly asked mortgage questions and tips on how to make the most out of your mortgage experience

Getting Pre-Approved

Get Pre- Approved BEFORE You Shop!

Going through the application process and getting Pre- Approved before you start your home search is so important because it lets us help you identify any roadblocks that may keep you from getting the home you want so we can help you work through them. It also gives you the advantage of being ready to put in an offer when you find THE ONE, right away!

What's The Deal with Credit Karma?

Can You Really Trust Credit Apps?

We hear all the time that people are suprised when we tell them their score.. "wait my Credit Karma said i have a 740" ... the truth is credit apps use a different formula and it doesnt always translate to mortgage credit ... check out why...

Seller Concessions

So What Are Seller Concessions?

Seller Concessions, are simply put, when the seller agrees to pay a portion of your closing costs. This can really help to reduce the amount of funds you need to bring to the closing table. But their are limits for how much a seller can contribute so check this video out to learn more!

Shorten Your Term

Reducing the term of your mortgage can get you out of debt quicker and have you mortgage free faster! You can also save tons over the life of the loan if you compare the costs of interest over a shorter period of time... check it out!

Local Vs Nationwide

Its All About the Experience

The biggest benefit of choosing a local lender vs a Nationwide bank is that we can offer you the best experience. Big lenders cant compete with the type of 1-1 service you get with a local lender. All we do is mortgages, we don't sell other products which means we have more time for YOU and YOUR loan!

Paying Every 4 Weeks

Pay Your Mortgage Off Faster!

One easy trick to pay your loan off quicker and save some money in the long run, is to make a payment every 4 weeks instead of once a month. This sounds simple but it can have a big impact on your loan over time!

Saving Money

The Importance of Saving Money!

Saving money as a homeowner is important, you need to have money for unexpected home repairs and expenses. Do you know how much experts recommend to set aside ?

Remove Mortgage Insurance

If you have an FHA loan you can refinance to drop your mortgage insurance and save money monthly. If you have a conventional loan, there are ways to get your mortgage insurance dropped once you have paid a specific portion of your loan... check this video out for more info!

Vacation Home Tips

Get the Vacation Home of Your Dreams!

People have a lot of misconceptions about what it takes to buy a vacation home... it takes little down and you don't have to already own a home... lets get you in that vacation home this summer!

VA Mortgages

A Thank You for our Veterans

We have a special loan for our Active Duty and Veterans who previously served and their families. This loan requires 0 down! We want to thank you for your service and offer you the best loan terms we can.

Get a Realtor

Its Worth It!

 We all know that having a Realtor on your side can help you navigate the housing market and find exactly what you are looking for, but there's more. Having a Realtor also means you have their experience, which can really help everywhere from knowing the area, to knowing how to negotiate the best terms for your contract.!

Frequently Asked Questions

The short answer is ... it depends on what loan program is right for you.

We have options for Veterans with 0% down, first time buyers with as low as 3.5% down it just depends on what option fits you. 

Give us a call and we can go over what each program requires and find the down payment you are comfortable with!

We ONLY do Mortgages...

While our rates will likely be competitive with your local bank or credit union, your experience with us will be exceptional

We hear many times that big box banks, or companies who do things other than mortgages are hard to reach, or slow to respond...we have the advantage of ONLY doing Mortgages which means you get a more personal, and detailed experience with our team that is dedicated to closing your loan!


The only way your credit will change is if you change it, and we can help you do that, but only if we are aware of it!

Applying even with a low score will let us see your whole situation so we can help guide you and get you ready to buy. You man not be ready now but you can start taking steps to get you there!


The sooner the better...

When you apply as we mentioned, it gives you and us a overview of your whole situation, so we can help identify things that could stand in your way of buying.

Addressing some of these issues may not happen overnight, they can take time. So keep that in mind if you want to by in 3 months or over a year from now, the sooner you apply the sooner we can make sure there wont be anything standing in your way when you are ready!