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It takes teamwork to bring the typical Real Estate transaction together. Quite a few people are involved, buyers, sellers, agents, processors, appraisers, inspectors, closers and that's not all... 

As Daunting as the coordination required might seem, you can count on our team to guide you through. Collaboration is what we do every day, it lets us get your loan closed in a smooth and timely manner. We understand that as a Realtor when you choose your lender you are choosing who to trust with your transaction.


If your on the road with a buyer and need some numbers on the fly... we have you covered. Use our loan calculator to get an estimate of what their payment would be so you can save time and be sure you are all informed!

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This is the Podcast designed specifically for Realtors to help you grow your business. We talk with experts in the business to get you insider tips and info on everything from home staging to how to start your own podcast and tons of things in between! We have new episodes every Monday available wherever you listen to your favorite Podcast... check out some of our episodes!


We have created a video library of tips and tricks for you, you can always find more by heading over to our YouTube Channel or searching for The HartBeat for Realtors Podcast on iTunes, Spotify, or wherever else you find your favorite podcasts, to get tips on the go!

FHA Condos

Ever wondered if a condo is FHA approved?

This video will walk you through how to search to see if the condo your buyer has their eyes on is FHA approved. Keep in mind that if you don't see it on the list that's not an automatic deal breaker, give us a call and we'll see if we can help!

The Benefits of RPR

Using Realtor's Property Resource

Check out my buddy Bill Risser's thoughts on this awesome tool for Realtors. It could really bring some awesome value to your business!



Why Staging Matters

Is Staging your Listing an important step?

Its not always easy for potential buyers to imagine a home as their own, and home staging can make that much easier... check out what Tara Molloy of Staging Matters has to say about why home staging is so important to selling that listing!


The Real Estate & Lending worlds are ever changing, and there is always more to learn. Whether you are a seasoned agent looking to learn the newest guidelines, or a newly licensed agent just stepping foot into the industry, we work with our Realtor Offices and our in office team to put together training to help you expand your knowledge!