Ep. 79 The Best Way to Refer

by Tim Hart | Jan 19, 2022 11:38:00 AM

Attention Realtors! Do you need help converting buyers into pre-approvals? Realtors refer their lender or preferred lenders in different ways. Some like giving the buyer three contacts to call, some give two and some give only one. 

However you give these referrals, I would like to give you some advice on what I think works best when referring your lenders to a buyer that needs to be pre-approved.  

I go into more detail in this episode. 



Here is the question I would ask “Is it ok if I have my preferred lender call you?”  

This question will do two things. One is that you will find out if the buyer is serious or not. If they push back or say they will call them, then you know they may not be as serious. If they say yes, then you know they are serious and ready to rock.  

The second thing that happens, is that your lender can now help you get that buyer to a decision. All lenders are different in how they handle the referral so I can only speak on my team. Once you call, email or text the info to us, we can contact them immediately and be sure to do the proper follow up while keeping you informed.  

Think of your lender as a CRM where we are helping you get these leads to some kind of a decision.  

Let us know if we can help!

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Thanks for listening, have a rate day!

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