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A Cash Out Refinance May Be for You...

If you are looking for some extra cash you can use the equity in your home to borrow against to take cash out to use however you need. Our cash out refinance experts can help you along every step of the process.

You can use the cash:

  • To pay off debt
  • Make home improvements
  • Establish or grow a savings
  • Make a large purchase in cash

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In a cash out refinance, we use the equity in your home to increase your loan amount and allow you to take the diffference from your previous loan amount to the new loan amount (minus any closing costs/fees) as cash out!

This can be ideal for paying off debt, making home improvements, or setting money aside for savings or emergencies.

                                         IF YOU'RE LOOKING FOR A BETTER RATE

You Could Lower Your Interest Rate...

We all know that interest adds up, and it affects your monthly payment as well. Interest rates are competitive and many people don't know that they change daily, if you are looking for a lower rate and payment then ask about refinancing for a better rate. We are experts in finding mortgage refinancing rates that save our clients thousands of dollars.

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In a Rate refinance the goal is simple... to get your loan locked in with the best interest rate possible. Rates are subject to change daily, so it is a good idea to talk to your Loan Officer and see what the current rates are. Taking advantage of a low rate environment can mean big savings. Keep in mind that rates are not the same for everyone so advertisements you see offering low low rates, may not be as simple as what you see is what you get. Factors such as credit score are taken into consideration... give us a call and we can see if your eligible for a lower rate to save some money off your monthly payment!

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Shorten loan term

You could save thousands over the life of your loan...

If you are looking at your mortgage and wishing you could reduce the term to pay your loan of quickly we can help with that! 

We offer loans for 

  • 15 years
  • 20 years
  • 30 years

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If you want to get your mortgage paid quicker than what your current loan is set for to avoid interest, or become debt free sooner, than a term refinance may be a good idea!

You can shorten your term and pay the loan off faster, this often does increase the monthly payment but if it is an investment that makes sense for your financial plan it can be a good move.

Depending on rate environment you may also be able to get a lower rate and do a combined Rate & Term Refinance. Ask your Loan Officer what options are available to you!


See if you could save on your monthly payment, or get the cash you need

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