by Tim Hart | Aug 1, 2022 8:26:15 AM

Saw the trailer for this during Thor and knew there was no way I missing this. Alien movie directed by Jordan Peele, take my money!
Jordan Peele directed the movie Get Out and that was one of the most original movies I have ever seen. I loved it! This wasn’t on the level of Get Out but was still really good.
Myself and the kids went to see it and all of enjoyed it. Great story with action early and kept all of interested the whole time.
The Guide #38: Any chance of going to the cinema without being spoiled  first? Nope | Movies | The Guardian
I highly recommend this movie if you are into Sci-Fi at all.
I give it a 720 credit score.
Side note, assigned seating is the best thing to ever happen to the movie theater. Next thing needs to be the ability to bring your own headphones in and connect to their blue tooth audio. Not sure if that will ever happen but it should.

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