by Tim Hart | Jun 18, 2021 9:32:25 AM

Damn this movie is intense! From the very start “Unhinged” keeps you on edge. Russell Crowe stars in this suspense thriller type of movie on Amazon Prime.
First thing is that Russell Crowe is massive. Like over 3 bills massive. Looks like he ate his Gladiator character for lunch. No matter how big the dude has gotten, he is an amazing actor and was an absolute pyscho in this movie. They didn’t even give Russell Crowe a name in the movie. Just called him “Man’ in the credits lol. In a fair world, he would win some kind of award but instead he will get a solid review by me. Very similar if you ask me.
Unhinged reminded of a darker and bloodier Falling Down. The movie with Michael Douglas where he finally snaps and spends the day going bonkers. This is very similar except Russell Crowe is next level wacko and has no problems killing anybody.
Unhinged 2
I could really see something like this happening in today’s society. COVID, lockdowns, economy, prescription pills, social media, Quicken Loans, masks and politics have millions of people constantly on edge. Watch yourself next time you honk the horn at someone. Be sure to give them the nice double tap for courtesy or the person may end up trying to kill everyone you know just to teach you a lesson.
Highly recommend this to you unless you don’t like watching a phsyco kill everything in his path. If you don’t like that sort of thing then you may want to skip it and stick with “Peanut Butter Falcon”or something like that. I also know it was good because my wife and I started the movie after 9:00pm and my wife did not fall asleep. I don’t see how anyone could fall asleep during this movie. Her not falling asleep gave this movie an extra 20 points.
I give it a 720 credit score.

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