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Is Your Data Being Sold To Other Lenders?

When you apply for a mortgage with a lender, that lender will need to pull credit.

Buying or Selling a Fixer Upper?

3 Renovation Loan Types to Know About

The Coaches Who Changed Me

Meet My Lifelong Mentors


Hate to say it but I have grown tired of Will Ferrelll’s humor and Ryan Reynolds is the same...

Building a Home or Working With a Buyer Who Is?

Building a Home or Working With a Buyer Who Is?

My Best Advice for the Holidays: Don’t Make My Teenage Mistake!

I grew up in Cape Coral at the end of a long dirt road. My parent's house was on one side of the...

What We Learned From Hurricane Ian

10 Ways to Prep for the Next Storm

I’m Proud to Be From Lee County

After Ian, Our Community Joined Forces For Good

WEBINAR INVITE: Renovation Loans | VA Renovation | FHA 203K | Fannie Mae HomeStyle

As the real estate market continues to shift, Realtors will want to tune into this webinar to learn...

3 Movies For Your Halloween WatchList

TimDango Is Back!
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