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Ep# 111 Leadership Advice: Three Ways to Lead

My friend, Vanessa Araya, from Outdoor Life Pros and Impact Leadership Group was cool enough to...

Ep # 110 Are You Scared to Apply for a Mortgage?

You may or may not be surprised by the fact that some people are scared or embarrassed to apply for...

Ep#109 Why Realtors Want You To Use a Local Lender

One of the hardest things for a buyer to do in our SWFL real estate market is to win a contract....

Ep# 108 Down Payment Advice for First Time Homebuyers

Ask Your Employer!

Ep# 107 Don't Wait to Get Pre-Approved!

When Do I Get Pre-Approved For a Mortgage? Hint: NOW!

Ep# 106  Why Realtors Want You Pre-Approved!

I hear this comments like this several times a week.  

Ep# 105 Flood Insurance Increases Are Here

If you live in a flood zone or want to own a house in a flood zone, you will want to tune in for...

Ep #104 How We Saved a Homeowner $1,930 a Month!

Yes we did! We were able to use the equity in their home to pay off credit cards and current...

Ep# 103 Should I Lock My Rate?

We have been getting a ton of questions about locking rates in a rising rate environment. 

Ep# 102 Questions About Homestead Exemption

With Lee County Property Appraiser Matt Caldwell
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