The HartBeat Show Podcast

Ep #63 Lee County Property Appraiser Explained with Kenneth Wilkinson

Lee County Property Appraisers is run by long time Property Appraiser Ken Wilkinson.

Ep #62 The Unsolved Case of the Fort Myers 8

In 2007 the remains of 8 humans were found in Fort Myers. Only 3 have been identified and the case...

Ep #61 Severed Dreams: Reconstructing Your Purpose

I met Chad Porter earlier this year at a real estate event and I have kept in touch with him ever...

Ep #60 All About Mini Reefs with Ocean Habitat's Founder David Wolff

Get yourself a mini reef under your dock?

Ep #59 SWFL 2019 High School Football Preview with News-Press Adam Regan

I was joined by the The News-Press (Fort Myers and Cape Coral) Adam Regan to discuss the upcoming...

Ep #58 Tales from the Comedy Club with Captain Brien Spina

I am a huge fan of comedy and have been my whole life, so I was pumped to have the founder of the...

Ep #57 SWFL Art & Culture with Eric Raddatz

I was introduced to Eric Raddatz by mutual friends a couple months ago and we have been getting to...

Ep #55 2019 Florida Politics In Review

I had the pleasure of spending some time with my friend, Dane Eagle, to recap the Florida 2019...

Ep #54 How Ray Higdon Went from Personal Foreclosure to Millionaire

Ray Higdon has a great story and I think you will enjoy hearing it.

Ep #53 Insurance Tips for Hurricane Season with Brian Chapman

Hurricane season is here again.
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