by Tim Hart | Sep 15, 2022 9:27:32 AM

My wife always messes with me because I don’t turn off many shows or movies once I get started. It feels like I am committed once I am half way done and I might as well stick it out. That was not the case with A League of Their Own and Prizefighter: The Life of Jim Belcher. These two piles of you know what got turned off so I figured I would warn you. They all can’t be good reviews!
League of their own
A League of Their Own- Shocker that Hollywood would try to redo an original instead of creating original content. The old movie with Tom Hanks is considered a classic. It’s not a top five baseball movie for me but was still good to watch. This remake is on Amazon Prime and it is a series. I don’t know how many episodes is in the series because I didn’t make it past the 2nd half of episode two. It may have been episode one. I don’t even remember. It stunk. The baseball was lame, acting was super bad, plot was boring. Ron from The Office was the playing the Coach role like Tom Hanks. He stunk. Almost seemed like they thought they could add him into the series and everyone would just remember Ron from The Office and laugh at whatever he said. It didn’t work like that. I’m not even sure if he was trying to comedy or drama. Like I said this show sucked. I’m getting annoyed trying to come up for things to say about it. That is how bad it is. Don’t watch it
Prizefighter: The Life of Jim Belcher- A boxing movie with old Russell Crowe and it’s on Amazon Prime? I’ll try it out! Big mistake. If you want to see a good old and heavy Russell Crowe movie then watch Unhinged. That movie was awesome! This Prizefighter movie was not awesome. It was the exact opposite of awesome. I turned it off about an hour in. Russell Crowe played an old angry drunk that used to fight for money while being a horrible Dad and human. Spoiler Alert incoming if you want to watch. Stop reading now. I honestly think I should spoil the movie for you so you don’t watch it but maybe you are into the pain of watching bad movies. Anyways, Russell Crowe dies about 30-45 minutes in. I turned it off shortly after because the movie was not getting any better with him out of it. If you are scrolling Amazon Prime like me and this catches your eye, then keep scrolling. Watch The Expanse or The Terminal List (Review coming soon) instead.
I have to give both of these a 480 credit score. If I never finish the show or movie, you have to automatically be scored below a 500 credit score. I just made that new rule up as I was typing this. Avoid these two at all costs.
Did you watch either of these shows? What did you think?

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