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Saw The Batman Saturday night with my two boys. We all really enjoyed it. I would put it behind The Dark Knight and the original Batman. I’m probably holding onto the original Batman because of nostalgia. The entire theme was dark and Batman was pissed off a lot. Reminded of a mix between Joker and The Dark Knight.
First things first its just under 3 hours. Don’t drink for hours before the movie or be ready to run to the bathroom in the middle of the movie. Hopefully the husband and wife show up dressed like Batman and Superwoman like they did when we went to the theater. The boys got a pic with them. They were easily in their 50’s and didn’t have a care in the world lol.
The Batman
Back to the movie, I was not excited about Twilight guy, Robert Pattison, playing Batman. He played an amazing Batman but I did not like his Bruce Wayne. It was straight up Goth-Emo Bruce. Moping around all over the place while being a billionaire. Suck it up! Thankfully Bruce Wayne was not in much of the movie and it was mainly Batman. He nailed the part of Batman. One of the best Batmans there has been. Would probably give his Batman the node over Christian Bales because he didn’t do the scruffy horse voice while he played Batman.
The villains are all solid. I appreciated the Riddler being a crazy man with a purpose compared to being some goofy character. Riddler actually made a lot of sense to me most of the movie so that makes me question my own judgement a little bit. Penguin was played by Colin Farrell. Not a fan of Colin at all but you can’t even tell him it’s him. That helped a ton because real Colin Farrell is not good! Jesus from The Big Lebowski played Carmen Falcone as the mob boss and he nailed it. John Turturro is an awesome actor and doesn’t get enough credit.
I can’t forget about Cat Woman. I don’t want to get in trouble here….she played a great part. My only complaint about her was the mask. It was some sort of ski mask but it only covered her upper lip. Not very sneaky.
If my complaints about this movie were emo Bruce Wayne and Cat Woman's mask then you know this a winner.
I give this a 760 credit score.
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