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Did you like Saul in Breaking Bad? What if Saul turned out to be John Wick?


Saul was my favorite character in Breaking Bad. No one was close to him. This movie is no different. Bob Odenkirk killed it like he does in everything he does in everything.


From the previews I thought this was more of a Michael Douglas in “Falling Down” type movie. Middle age Dad, a little of shape, kind of a wimp, little to no respect around the work place etc. That Dad finally loses it and goes bats**t crazy. I thought that is where they were going with Odenkirk’s character, Hutch,  but you find out really quick that Hutch is highly trained and you hear his back story as the movie goes on.

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Yes it has a little cheese towards the end. Hutch’s Dad is played by famous Doc Brown from Back to the Future, Christopher Lloyd, He does a good job but was a little old for some parts. It would be like having me play a character that all of sudden had to do Olympic sprinting. It wouldn’t look good. That was literally my only critique of the movie and that was almost not worth mentioning. I only mentioned it so I could make fun of myself with the sprinting joke.


If you love John Wick then you will love this movie! I highly recommend this.


I give it a 720 credit for the nonstop action and story. Let me know your thoughts if you saw it.


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