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My wife rented this from Redbox the other night and I was happy she did because I really wanted to watch it. Growing up in North Cape Coral, Queen was not a popular music selection so I never knew a lot about the band or Freddie Mercury besides them singing “We Will Rock You”, “”Another One Bites the Dust” and the song from Wayne’s World. That is the extent of my Queen knowledge. Oh yeah and that Vanilla Ice basically stole the beat from “Under Pressure” for “Ice Ice Baby”

Let me hit you with my only negative first and it was probably my own fault, because I had a hard time understanding what Freddie Mercury was saying. I don’t know whether it was the accent or the huge fake teeth but I couldn’t understand half of what he said. I could also be old and deaf. Moving on…..

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There were two parts I loved in the movie. The first was him joining the band. He saw an opportunity and jumped on it. He actually asked to join their band. Most people will sit back and think about asking and never do.

The other part I loved was the ending at Live Aid. That was pretty awesome and the entire sequence was amazing. I went back and watched the original version of that it was basically dead on. Mercury owned that entire crowd and I highly suggest go find the live clip on YouTube. Really cool.

There was a ton of hype behind this movie and if I’m being honest, I thought it was just a good movie. I was fully prepared to be blown away and I wasn’t. Again, I was not a fan of Queen and really don’t know much about them so that may have played into it.

I still give this a 700 credit score and highly recommend you watch it just to see a guy follow his passion and dreams.




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