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by Tim Hart | Oct 3, 2022 4:56:00 PM

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Add these three movies to your Halloween watchlist...

Okay, I’ll admit it: The older I get, the less I’m into scary movies.I liked that stuff when I was a kid, but a few years ago, I realized thrillers have started to mess with my head.

The realization hit one night around 10 p.m. I was in bed with my iPad watching the miniseries “The Haunting of Hill House” on Netflix. If you haven’t seen the show, it’s about a group of siblings who grew up in a haunted house. What happened there really traumatized them. It was so bad that, as adults, they keep having flashbacks about the ghosts and monsters that haunted them as kids.

By the second or third episode, the show was really getting under my skin. I swear I felt something evil coming after me in the dark! There was no way I could fall asleep with such a creepy feeling all around. Don’t laugh, but I actually put on Christian music until I could get my head back on straight and fall asleep. Afterward, I decided horror shows just aren’t for me.

 may not be into films about ghosts, demons, kidnappers, or psycho killers, but there are two kinds of movies I like to watch around Halloween:comedies and sci-fi thrillers. My favorite Halloween comedy right now is definitely “Hubie Halloween”on Netflix. Adam Sandler plays a misfit guy from Salem who has to save Halloween. It’s pretty funny, and I think I’ve watched the movie every Halloween since it came out in 2020.

On the sci-fi side, if you follow me on Facebook (Facebook.com/TimHartJr), you may have seen my TimDango movie reviews for two great movies that came out this summer:“Nope”and“Prey.” I’ve included both of those reviews below in case you missed them, because I think they would be great to watch this time of year.


I saw the trailer for this during “Thor: Love and Thunder” and knew there was no way I would miss it. An alien movie directed by Jordan Peele?Take my money!

Jordan Peele directed the movie “Get Out,” and that was one of the most original movies I have ever seen. I loved it! This wasn’t on the level of“Get Out” but was still really good. The kids and I went to see it, and all of us enjoyed it. It was a great story with action early on, and it kept all of us interested the whole time.

I highly recommend this movie if you are into sci-fi at all. I give it a 720 credit score.

(Side note: Assigned seating is the best thing to ever happen to the movie theater. The next thing needs to be the ability to bring your own headphones in and connect to their Bluetooth audio. I’m not sure if that will ever happen, but it should.)

Nope movie


There was zero chance I would miss this movie. In it, Predator shows up in the 1700s to fight Comanches and anything else around.

This was a solid Predator movie. There is some sketchy CGI at times and you have to suspend your disbelief a few times to get through it, but who cares considering you are also watching a movie where Native Americans fight a planetary hunter with advanced technology.

Both of my boys watched “Prey” with me so I asked them for their thoughts.

Eli (13 years old): “‘Prey’ was not as good as the original. It started off a little slow, but there was a pretty good story line and the visuals with blood and gore were great. It had an unrealistic ending. I’m happy they spoke English.”

Mason (15 years old): “I liked the new design of the Predator and the time frame of the movie, but the main character had too much plot armor.”I have to give this one a 700 credit score. I enjoyed it!Either of these two movies would be great to watch around Halloween.

Prey Movie

If you check them out, or watch “Hubie Halloween,” let me know what you think!


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