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Will Your Loan Close If The Clerk Of Courts Shuts Down?

I saw this question floating around several times on Facebook and wanted to get this answered....

Explaining Mortgage Rates During the Coronavirus

I had my friend Jon Barnes on to talk about the current interest rate environment and how crazy it...

Overcoming Addiction With Kevin McAleer

So this one is a little deeper than I normally go with our podcasts but I thought it was a story...

The Science of the Smile with Dr. Phill Kraver

When Dr. Phill approached me at our kids school about doing a podcast on the “Science of the Smile”...

Interview with SWFL Author: John Mills

Local Author and Attorney, John Mills, stopped by for an episode of The HartBeat Show.

Life of a Cape Coral K-9 Officer

Have you ever wondered about the life of a K-9 Police Officer?

Christmas Light Advice For Clark Griswold Wannabee’s

It’s time to put out the Christmas lights!

Video Interview With Mike Boylan of Mike's Weather Page

If you live in Florida or anywhere near a hurricane cone then you may know of Mike Boylan of Mikes...

Florida’s Bigfoot: The Skunk Ape with Dave Shealy

I have always been fascinated with the Skunk Ape. Skunk Ape is basically Florida’s Bigfoot and is...

Life of a Photographer with Brian Tietz

I have been seeing Brian Tietz’s photos all over Gulfshore Life and Gulfshore Business and since he...
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