Video Interview With Mike Boylan of Mike's Weather Page

by Tim Hart | Nov 7, 2019 3:15:00 PM

If you live in Florida or anywhere near a hurricane cone then you may know of Mike Boylan of Mikes Weather Page. With his Facebook page having over 835,000 followers and his website having millions of hits a month, he has quickly become a go to resource for anyone interested in the weather and mainly hurricanes.

I became a fan of “Mike’s Weather Page” during Hurricane Irma in 2017. A couple Captain friends I knew had recommended him to me as their go to Hurricane resource and I now go to him anytime I want to know what is brewing in the tropics or the Gulf of Mexico. I have always found Mike easy to follow, straight shooter while being calm and collective. For some reason, his insight into the paths of Hurricanes are much easier to follow and his advice is normally pretty accurate. At least more accurate than professional weatherman in my opinion.

Mike was cool enough to join the “HartBeat Show” to talk about how he got started and his path to where he is at today. It is very interesting story and we cover a bunch of different topics. I hope you give it some time and check it out. At the very least, when the next hurricane comes around, make sure you check out his page and his Facebook Live updates. You will not be disappointed!




You can watch the full video here

Watch it on YT-1

Feel free to share the video or audio with anyone you know interested in the weather or in the paths of hurricanes. Thanks for watching!

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