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The other night I found out that I still had HBO GO. My wife normally cancels HBO right after I’m done obsessing over Game of Thrones. So I started scanning the movies and “The Predator” popped up. This was put out in 2018 and I didn’t even hear about it so I got all fired up to watch it. A couple weeks ago, I watched the original Predator with my sons and we loved it. I mainly enjoyed watching my sons react to Arnold’s timeless lines like “Stick around” when he throws a 10 foot long knife at some dude or when he kicks down the door and blows everyone away and then belts out “knock, knock”. Classic stuff!

Mini rant. This movie really had some crappy marketing advice. Original movie was called “Predator” and this one is called “The Predator”. That is like going with “The Rocky” or “The Braveheart”. Should have went with “Predator II” or “Predator: The Hunter”  instead of making me wonder if this one was the original Predator. Ok. Marketing rant over..

The Predator The Hunt Has Evolved

The plot and acting was kind of rough but still entertaining enough for me not to care. Speaking of Game of Thrones, Theon Greyjoy, plays a role in this movie along with several other surprisingly well-known actors. There were some death scenes towards the end that were cringe worthy. I don’t want to spoil any of them. You have to know that most of any rag tag crew that is facing the Predator is going to get waxed.

Watch it if you like the Predator series and if you don’t maybe skip it and check out something else.

I give it a 640 credit score



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