by Tim Hart | Mar 31, 2021 4:53:40 PM

Jeff Bezos really does know what he is doing. Amazon Prime put the movie “Cold Skin” in front of me several times before I committed to watching it.

It came out in 2019 and I never heard of it. Not sure why because it was right up my alley. Water monsters constantly attacking some lonely fella stuck on an island.

It was set in the early to mid-1900's and this weatherman had to go this small island in the middle of the ocean to some kind of weather things. Really not sure what they guy was supposed to be doing. He spent about 3 minutes trying to be a weatherman before his cabin got raided by these wild sea monster people and he battled them the rest of the movie.

The movie gets right into the action which I loved. So, It's the weatherman whose name is "Friend' and then there is a lighthouse on the island as well. The lighthouse was being manned by a pretty wild dude named Grueder. Not sure how long Grueder has been on the island but it would seem to be years. Side note, the guy who plays Grueder is one of Thor's sidekicks. He is the one of the crew members that gets killed by Thor’s sister in Ragnarok.

Moving on, Grueder has learned to live and fight these sea monsters and him and Friend work together to try and destroy them. This ends up being very hard to do.

I highly recommend this movie if you it remotely sounds interesting to you. There are going to be a few weird parts in the movie that will probably make you shake your head and make sure your kids weren’t watching so be prepared. Lol

This movie is what I thought "The Shape of Water" should have been. The Shape of Water is horrible, and you read my review on that pile of garbage if you get bored.

Anyways, this movie was awesome. Very original, action packed, well shot and the actors were great.


I give it a 720 credit score.

Comment below if you have seen it. Would love to know what you think.

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