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SPOLIER WARNING! I am going to be giving spoilers so stop reading now if you don’t me to blow it. You’ve been warned. For real. I give away the entire ending. Stop reading.

I am huge Sylvester Stallone fan. Love all of his franchises Rambo, Rocky and The Expendables. When I saw that Rambo: Last Blood was coming out, the first thing I did was group text several friends and declare a guys night to watch it.

I managed somehow to blow that and never set it up. I ended up watching it on TV the night before the Super Bowl and very happy that I did not have my friends around. They would have enjoyed making fun of me at every part of this movie. It was a rough one to watch and it pains me to say it.

Rambo Last Blood Review| Tim Hart

The major issue for me was the story line. It opens up on some ranch where Rambo is living with an old Hispanic lady and her Granddaughter that calls him Uncle John. Who is this old lady? How did Rambo know the granddaughters Mom? Where did this ranch come from? The movie just start rolling along I literally felt like I missed an entire movie before this one. Quick check on IDB proved that there was not a missing Rambo movie. The movie just never explained any of this or I am just to dumb to understand. Could be both.

The 2nd issue I have is that the movie is called Last Blood which to me, meant that Rambo was going to die. Stallone is 72 years old. Looks awesome but c’mon…it all has to end someday. I’ll get to the ending in a second.

So the movie starts rolling and of course Rambo has built an entire cave system under his property because he is Rambo. For real. I don’t think there was another mention about why he built a huge tunnel system around his property. Granddaughter goes to find her Dad who left her when she was a kid. Rambo was against it. She of course gets kidnapped by some sex slave ring in Mexico and Rambo has to go save her.

Rambo Last Blood Review| Tim Hart

The two main villains are these brothers who are high comedy to me. They were not scary or intimidating. The one brother is constantly arguing with the other and they both just sucked all around as villains. Younger gets his head chopped off and dropped off on some random street.

The movie does get good when the villains decide to attack Rambo’s hidden tunnel fortress. For about 20 minutes straight, Rambo goes bonkers and gruesomely kills everything. Heads get blown off, legs get chopped off, rakes into the chest, people just explode and all types of other gory stuff. Rambo style!

Rambo kills the final villain by impaling him against the wall with four arrows and then saws open his chest, and pulls out his heart before the crappy villain kicks the bucket.

This leads me to the end. The movie ends with Stallone sitting in a rocking chair after he took a couple bullets to the stomach and I think leg. I assumed he was going to die and the series would be over. Nope. The end credit monologue recapped all the old Rambo scenes which was very cool. Somehow in the middle of the recap, my boy Rambo jumps on a horse and just gallops off into the sunset. I assumed getting ready for Rambo: Really Last Blood or something else. I don’t wish death on anyone but he should have died some kind of warriors death and be done.

It was just an odd way to end a movie called Last Blood.

If you love Rambo you are still required to watch this movie. The last 20 minutes makes it worth it but lower your expectations.

I give it a 660 Credit Score only because of the gory last 20 minutes.



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