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by Tim Hart | Jun 29, 2021 12:53:00 PM

We Placed 4 Times in the 2020 VanDyk Mortgage Awards 

One thing you should know about me is that I’m a competitive guy. I like to win, and luckily, my team here at VanDyk feels the same way. This spring, we pulled off a big one! We placed a total of four times in the 2020 VanDyk Mortgage Awards. 

These awards pit all of the VanDyk branches against each other, and since there are more than 90 offices and 200 loan originators in total spread across the U.S., snagging four pieces of hardware is a big deal. Here’s a quick list of the awards our branch took home for our awesome performance in 2020. 

Tim Hart Team - VanDyk Mortgage

Measured in units, we won ...

No. 2 Loan Officer in the Country!

No. 5 Branch in the Country!

Measured in volume, we won …

No. 3 Loan Officer in the Country!

No. 5 Branch in the Country!

On top of that, I got a nice plaque to recognize my “outstanding sales achievement throughout 2020.” It feels good! 

I’m still blown away by those numbers, and I owe my team big-time for making them happen. It has been my pleasure to mentor them, train them, and watch them close deals over the last year. Pretty soon, the students will surpass the teacher! We celebrated with pizza and massages in the office, but that’s only the beginning of what they deserve. 

Another reason we had such a good year is that we added some new loan officers. They're amazing, and I'll be highlighting them in the newsletter over the next few months.

As a team, we all try our best and sometimes we fail (or at least I do), but the recognition we get in the VanDyk Mortgage Awards always reminds me that we’re our own biggest critics. Those wins prove we’re doing a good job for our clients, even among our peers who are already some of the best people in the business. 

With the 2020 awards behind us, I’m already looking forward to the big reveal of 2021. We’ve been working harder than ever this year, and I know we’ll have even more success. Right now, the team and I are neck and neck with the loan officers and branches that beat us last year, and I’m confident we’ll come out ahead. To find out whether I can pull it off, keep reading this newsletter! In the meantime, if you want more VanDyk Mortgage content, you can always check out our YouTube channel under my name, “Tim Hart,” or listen to my podcast, “The HartBeat Show.” 


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