by Tim Hart | May 23, 2018 1:45:00 PM

On this episode of Rates & Reels, we go fishing for Goliath Grouper with longtime friend and top dentist in SWFL, Dr. William “Billy” Truax of Dr. Billy Truax Dental Office . This episode is a very special one for me. Not only is Dr. Billy a friend but he also donated money to our kids school, Saint Michael Lutheran School, to win an episode of Rates & Reels. Thanks for your donation Dr. Billy!

Goliath Grouper Time!

This episode will be like no other episode on Rates & Reels because the doctor of dentistry has a date with destiny. When Dr. Truax was 8 years old he had an encounter with a Goliath Grouper in the backyard of his parents house. This experience has scarred Dr. Truax throughout his life and he has always wanted to get revenge on the mighty Goliath Grouper.

Could this be the fishing trip where the Dr. gets his revenge? There is no better Captain to go after Goliath Grouper than Captain Bo Johnson of Tenacity Guide Service.

Dr. Billy also talked some trash about past guests, Dane Eagle and Pastor Jon Zehnder. Did the trash talk backfire on him during the episode? Spoiler Alert: It did and was glorious.

During our 3 Questions segment, Dr. Billy discusses a ton of different topics including.

* Graduating from UF and how being a dentist is in his blood
* How nitrous oxide makes some patients hit on him
* Dealing with scared patients
* What you can do to avoid ever seeing him
* And many other interesting items.

What a great time had by all of us and I hope you enjoy the episode!

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Have a great day!

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