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BUYER TIP: What Are Escrows

What Are Escrows & Can I Waive My Escrows?

What Is Going On With Mortgage Rates?

What Is Going On With Mortgage Rates & Where Are They Headed?

Servant Leadership In Business with Jimmy Akers

I was super pumped that my friend, Jimmy Akers, was finally able to come on to the HartBeat Show...

5 Myths of Solar Energy

We recently did a video called “Is Solar Energy Right For You” with my buddies, John and Tom...

Is Solar Right for You?

With energy prices increasing all across the country, I have seen interest in solar energy increase...

Interview with Bishop Verot Coach Matt Herting

I got a chance to talk to my friend. Matt Herting, who is a coaching legend in SWFL. He is...

Family Strong: Digital Family Reset

Are electronics controlling all of your families attention? Kids glued to a screen all day? Are you...

BOOK REVIEW: Spiritual Recipe With Robin Whitt

My friend, Robin Whitt, followed her life long dream of writing a book and she crushed it.

Why Can’t I Use Cash for my Down Payment?

Many times people will come to us to buy a house and they plan on using the cash they have on hand....

What Are Gift Funds?

Many times our borrowers may not have all of their money saved up for a down payment but they found...
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