The HartBeat Show Podcast

Ep. #42 Ask An Expert: Interest Rates Explained

Mortgage interest rates can be very confusing.

Ep. #41 Ask An Expert: What is a Mortgage Loan Processor?

To start off our Perfect Loan Process series explaining all aspects of the mortgage process, it...

Ep. #40 High School Football Coach of the Year with Riverdale's James Delgado

Got to spend some time with this year’s District 18 High School Football Coach of the Year, James...

Ep. #39 Bankruptcy 101

There is no better person in SWFL to discuss Bankruptcy with than Carmen Dellutiri of Dellutri Law...

Ep. #38 Maintaining Your Used Car

Did your teenager just buy a car? Do you know not know the basic maintenance of your own vehicle?

Ep. #37 How to Buy a Used Car

Are you a parent of a teenager that is ready to buy a used car? Maybe you are looking to buy a used...

Ep. #36 The Future of Cars

Are you a fan of Back to the Future? I am and that is why I loved this interview!

Ep. #35 Guide to Getting a Self Employed Mortgage Loan

I got a chance to discuss a new loan program for self employed buyers with Jeff Tumbarello of...

Ep. #34 3 Questions with Ozzie Morrobel of King's Kitchen

Everyone in Fort Myers knows Ozzie Morrobel but many people may not know about King’s Kitchen.

Ep #33 Ask An Expert: Lee County Election Amendments Explained

Statewide and local elections for Florida are coming up on November 1.
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