We believe in creating strong relationships with our agent partners. Count on our team to work with you and your buyers every step of the way.

Our Toolbox

Building strong relationships starts with the right tools!

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Raise your hand if you like smooth closings. Through years of experience, I’ve found that collaborating as a team leads to less hiccups and happier clients. Take a look at a few of the tools I use to keep everyone in the loop and on track:

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Co-Branded Flyers

Our marketing library is jam packed with Real Estate and Mortgage Flyers. These can be co-branded with your logo, photo, and contact information. Share them with your clients any way you want to!

Customized Property Websites

Do you want a website that will increase buyer turnout at your open houses, generate sales flyers, and be used as an interactive tool for your next listing presentation?

Let’s introduce you to our single property sites.

Our customized Single Property Websites can:

  • Instantly import all your photos and listing details

  • Auto-update the listing when changes are made

  • Be branded with your logo and photo

  • Use interactive payment examples – generated from real time interest rates

  • Generate PDF Flyers customized to your listing

  • Easily be shared on Social Media Platforms

It’s easy – all we need is the MLS number! Email your MLS listing to and we’ll create a customized listing website for you!
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Tuesdays With Tim

The #1 complaint realtors have about lender is lack of communication. It’s frustrating when you’re left in the dark, wondering where your client’s file is at in the mortgage process.

I’ve fixed this problem by creating “Tuesdays with Tim.”

What is Tuesdays with Tim? Every Tuesday, me or someone from my team will call the Buyer, Buyers Agent, and Listing Agent with an update on files under contract. It’s that simple! You’ll never have to call our office to ask, “What is going on with my file?”

We compliment this service by sending out video email updates at every point in the process and even call you when the appraisal is approved.

Stand Out with Our Buyer’s Edge Program

Your buyer doesn’t have a property under contract? No problem. Let us give your buyer a full application with all credit/income/asset qualification documents processed and validated by and underwriter. We’ll lock their interest rate too!

Buyer's Edge

Winning a contract is tough in today’s market. Rates are rising, but inventory in Southwest Florida is not.

We’ve come up with a solution for this problem - The VanDyk Mortgage Buyer’s Edge Program.

With our Buyer’s Edge Program, we can give your buyer a full application with all credit/income/asset qualification documents processed and validated by an Underwriter and locked interest rate. The best part? Your buyer doesn’t need to have a property under contract.

Never second guess whether your buyer can actually close. Learn how we can secure your clients into our Buyers Edge Program today!

Standout from the Crowd

Rapid Rescore

Raise Your Buyer’s Credit With Rapid Rescore

How I Can Help

Is your buyer’s credit score preventing them from getting pre-approved?

I don’t turn away borrowers that need a credit boost. Instead I ask, “How can I help?”

This is where Rapid Rescore comes in. With Rapid Rescore, I have the ability to run a “Credit Simulator” that gives scenarios to help potential buyers increase their scores. This accelerated process gives us credit reports updates in just a few days, not months.


How It Works

  • Your buyer’s application is denied.

  • We assess the buyer’s credit and tell them what accounts need to be paid down or off.

  • When the balance for the account reflects the payoff send an updated statement.

  • We run Rapid Rescore.

  • Updated documents are submitted to credit bureaus for Rescore.

  • In 3-5 business days, your borrower’s score has increased.

  • Now your borrower is pre-approved!

Lunch & Learns

Hungry for some knowledge? Experience the Mortgage Process from the inside as it applies to you and your buyers. Our trainings and events help you grow your business!

Mobility RE

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Mobility RE

Stay ahead of the competition with MobilityRE, a powerful real estate app that’s branded to you. Best of all? It’s free!

Tim Hart

Your Local Lender

Tim Hart Family

About Tim

In 2008, I opened my mortgage business in Fort Myers and live, work, and play in the Southwest Florida community. Agents who partner with us don’t have to worry about talking to someone in a call center hundreds of miles away.

When you work with us, you’re more than a number.

While Big Banks and out of state lenders boast about rates, they often miss out on something important–personalized customer service. If you need to get in touch, you can reach us by phone, text message, email, or smoke signal. Want to meet face-to-face? Feel free to drop by our office. We have drinks and snacks!

Communication is key to a positive mortgage experience. That’s why every Tuesday, me or someone from my team will call the Buyer, Buyer’s Agent, and Listing Agent with updates on files under contract. You’ll never question where we are in the process.

We believe in treating every client like family – word travels fast in Lee County if you don’t.

Why Work With Us?

With over 10 years in the mortgage business, I know that in order to be successful, you need to set yourself apart from the competition.

As a direct lender, we fund, service, and underwrite all of our own files. This eliminates brokers and big bank middlemen.

Being a loan originator isn’t a 9-5 job. Don’t hesitate to reach out - we’re available 24/7 and do applications and pre-qualifications after traditional business hours.

Finding your perfect home in Fort Myers isn’t always easy. We work with buyers even if they DON’T have a property under contract! Our Buyer’s Edge Program allows us to give your buyer a full application with all credit/income/asset qualification documents processed and validated by an underwriter with a locked interest rate.

You’ll sleep better. Never lay in bed at night and wonder about your buyer’s file. Phone calls, texts, and emails are returned within 24 hours. If the file is under contract, you’ll receive video updates and weekly calls from us.

When you’re busy, you don’t have time to come up with marketing ideas. Don’t sweat it! We have a variety of marketing resources, from flyers to custom websites, that we can co-brand together!

In this business, reputation is everything. Our branch has been locally operated in Fort Myers since 2008. Let the reviews speak for themselves – I have over 100 positive reviews from referral partners and clients!