Looking For a New Home As a Loan Officer?

Are you a Loan Officer looking to join a strong team to help you grow your business to your full potential? Are you not finding a great fit at your current company? I put this playlist together to share with you what our team does at VanDyk Mortgage.

From marketing to chats with the owner of VanDyk Mortgage Tom VanDyk, this playlist is packed with tips and details on joining our team. If you are interested feel free to connect with me anytime in the comments or find my contact info in any of the videos! I look forward to hearing from you!


Should You Join VanDyk Mortgage?

Plus why I joined VanDyk Mortgage.

Hopefully, you are watching this video to learn about VanDyk Mortgage. In this video, I tell you a bit about VanDyk Mortgage but mainly tell you about why I joined VanDyk Mortgage and how my branch can help you. If you are interested in learning more about VanDyk Mortgage, I have created a series of videos for you to watch. Feel free to watch these to learn more.


Loan Officer Advice From

Tom VanDyk

Tom VanDyk has been in the mortgage business since the 1980’s and has plenty of advice for up-and-coming Loan Officers. In this video with Tim Hart, Tom explains what a Loan Officer should be looking for in a mortgage company. He has worked with thousands of Loan Officers over the year and has seen it all. Tom is someone that you should take seriously and listen to.


How VanDyk Mortgage Is a Sales Oriented Company

John Jones Regional Vice President Of Sales

When looking at mortgage companies to be a Loan Officer, one of my main concerns would be if they company is sales or ops oriented. In my opinion, the company needs to have a culture of sales with ops understanding that the closing date on the contract, happy referral partners and borrowers are the most important thing, Luckily at VanDyk Mortgage they believe the same thing. Myself and Regional Vice President of Sales discuss how VanDyk Mortgage balances both. We also touch on why Loan Officers come back to VanDyk Mortgage. Grass is not always greener…


Who Processes and Manages Your Loans?

Loan Processor & Transaction Coordinator

At our branch, you will have a Loan Processor and Transaction Coordinator to help get your loans into processing and ensure a smooth and timely closing for you and your clients. Donna Orso, Transaction Coordinator and Talia Bryant, Loan Processor, discuss their roles in assisting the loan officers to close loans in a smooth and timely fashion while growing their business.


Who Manages Your Leads As A Loan Officer?

Lead Specialist Kelly Sweeney

Would you like to learn how our branch helps Loan Officers manage and track leads? Listen in as I discuss how our Lead Specialist helps our Loan Officers track and manage their leads so they don’t miss out.


Why Do Loan Officers Leave?

President of VanDyk Mortgage Jon Barnes

Jon Barnes, the current President of VanDyk Mortgage, talks about his role at VanDyk Mortgage and his views on the role that the Loan Officer plays at VanDyk Mortgage. We discuss the main reasons why Loan Officers leave companies and how VanDyk Mortgage answers those concerns.


How Marketing Can Elevate You As a Loan Officer

Your VDM Marketing Team

How does a Loan Officer market their business? What do they post on social media? Do they have the time to do this? Common concerns for all Loan Officers and I brought on our Vice President of Marketing, Shannon Schmidt, to discuss how VanDyk Mortgage has an entire department dedicated to helping the Loan Officers with their market. We discuss social media, CRM, flyers, email blasts, drip campaigns, event promotion and set up and many other things designed to help the Loan Officer stay in front of their sphere of influence and referral partners.


How VanDyk Mortgage Underwriters View Loan Officers

Lending Operations Manager Lindsey Kuhnle

If you want a peek behind the curtain of the Loan Officer/Underwriter relationship at VanDyk Mortgage, look no further! Lending Operations Manager, Lindsey Kuhlne, Joined me to discuss how VanDyk Mortgage Underwriters are trained to work with the Loan Officer. Learn about how they can help with income calc, pre-underwrite files and much more. You will find out very quickly that VanDyk Mortgage Underwriters are sales oriented and want to close loans.



Want to learn more about becoming a Loan Officer on our team?

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