by Tim Hart | Sep 1, 2020 4:13:00 PM


So the movies are open!

Sunday afternoon my boys and I went to AMC Theater to watch “The New Mutants”

Before we get to the review I need to mention the conditions of the theater. It was a Sunday afternoon and the place was a ghost town. Employees just hanging out and ready to work. They have had made the place as safe as possible and did a great job. I personally didn’t care about the precautions but you might, so you should feel safe going there. You can also order tickets, drinks and food on their app which was cool. You also get a discount. My wife knows all of this or I would have overpaid.


Anyways, I had already heard some bad things about this movie so I had to leave those bad reviews at the door. I was just happy to be hanging with boys and watching sci-fi/fantasy type movies.This story is about a group of young mutants that are staying in a hospital type of place to figure out what their powers are and how to control them. Two of the characters you notice right away. Araya Stark from Game of Thrones and Jonathon from Stranger Things. I want to talk about them for a sec.



(Minor spoiler alerts coming)

Araya within the first few minutes of her being on screen, you figure out she can either turn into a wolf or mentally control one. You find out later which so I don’t want to spoil it. I thought this was pretty cool because in the GOT books she can warg (GOT speak for someone that can take over animals with their minds) into her direwolf (GOT Wolves that the Starks had for pets) and does so often. She never does this in the HBO show and I was always waiting for that to come out. It never did. I’m not sure if the writers of The New Mutants did this on purpose but I liked it.Jonathon from “Stranger Things” is some mine worker from Kentucky and had the worst deep south accent. He still did pretty good in the movie but the accent almost killed it. Also, there was a creature that I thought looked like a Demogorgon from “Stranger Things”.

I’m not sure if the writers were giving a shout out to Game of Thrones or Stranger Things but I liked that part even if they didn’t mean to do it.If you are into superhero/ fantasy type of movies I think you will like the movie. Not great but didn’t stink.

Go watch it or some other movie and help your economy out and start getting back to normal.

I would give this a credit score of 640.

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