by Tim Hart | Jan 5, 2022 4:03:05 PM

Damn did I get excited when I first heard bout The Matrix Resurrections coming out. I mean, you are bringing back Neo, Trinity and kinda Morpheus so it was hard not to get overly excited about this.
Thankfully I read several horrible reviews before I watched it. That helped lower my expectations from where they were when I first heard about this Matrix movie coming out.
With expectations being massively lowered, I thought this movie was good/ok. It could have been way better and I understand why some hard core fans hated it.
The Matrix Resurrections Tim Hart VanDyk Mortgage
Lots of odd and cheesy moments. At times I thought they were trying to be like Star Wars with some of the robots. There was also some odd story line choices and plot holes.
Neil Patrick Harris as The Analyst did a great job. Rest of it was just ok. The addition of human bots was cool. The more I write about this movie, the less I seem to like it. I may need to rewatch in a month.
Oddly enough, my wife did not care about the Matrix at all and thought the movie was good. Take that as you will.
Movie is on HBO Max or at the theaters.
I guess I would have to give this one a 660 credit score just on nostalgia alone. Lots of room for the borrower to improve their score but the borrower didn’t seem to care.
What did you think?

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