by Tim Hart | Dec 18, 2018 10:28:00 AM

I loved the first Super Troopers movie. I also realize that Super Troopers is not for everyone. Lots of goofy humor that I appreciate but others will not.

That being said when my buddy, Donny Hodges, gave me a copy of the movie at his loan closing, I could not wait to watch it.

When the first movie came out, many years ago, Donny tried to create his own Team RamRod like in Super Troopers. I don’t really remember the details of this team, who was on it and what it did but it always made me laugh. He still mentions Team RamRod to this day and it always makes me laugh.

Back to Super Troopers 2, If you liked the first you will want to see this one. It is not as good as part 1 but most sequels are not.

Favre is the funniest character and it is not even close. He deserves his own stand alone movie. Maybe a prequal to Super Troopers that shows how Favre became Favre leading up to him joining the Vermont Highway Patrol.

If you never watched Super Troopers Part 1 and you like comedy then give Part 1 a shot. If laugh at Part 1 then you will want to give part 2 a shot. If you think Super Troopers Part 1 is not funny then avoid Part 2.

Favre 2020!


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