November 4, 2019

Dolemite is my name- Timdango Movie Reviews


Admittedly, when I decided to watch “Dolemite Is My Name” on Netflix I did not know much about the back story of Dolemite. I actually had no clue that the entire movie was based off a true story until the very end when they showed movie clips from the original Dolemite movie.

Eddie Murphy and Craig Robinson always make me laugh so I figured I would give it a shot. I thought the movie was pretty funny. The entire cast was funny except Mike Epps. I have never been able to find him funny since he bombed trying to roast Jamie Foxx years ago. Feel like the guy never recovered from Foxx roasting him while Epps was supposed to be roasting him. Brutal beat for Epps.

I do need to go back and watch the original Dolemite movie that this was based on because some of the parts were hysterical. Seeing the clips at the very end really shows that the movie did nail those parts.

You get bored one night and have a couple hours for some chuckles, check this movie out.

I give it 680 credit score

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