by Tim Hart | Oct 15, 2021 11:34:46 AM

I’m a big Sopranos fan and this movie sucked. Major let down.

This is supposed to be the story of Tony Soprano becoming who he was and the back story to lots of the major characters from the Sopranos series.

I got excited when they introduced Pauly, Sil, Junior and other characters during the movie and they just kind of disappeared. Junior Soprano was pretty solid but the rest were insignificant.

The movie was just boring, storyline was all over the place. There was a funeral every 5 minutes.

Many Saints of Newark Funeral

Ray Liotta also stars in this movie. At some point in his career, he needs to turn down mobster roles. He showed up and my first reaction was “Shocker. Ray Liotta is a gangster.”

The only good part of the movie was Googling the characters names so I could show my wife what they looked like in the Sopranos series so she could remember.

I could go on about this one but I’ll stop. I probably sound like a disgruntled ex.

This movie would have been better served as a mini-series on HBO. There was not enough time to develop so many important characters in that 2 hours.

I give this a 600 credit score.


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