Ep #89 Live with Kevin Offerman of City Tavern

June 1, 2020

Tim Hart & kevin Offerman Live for the HartBeat Show Podcast

If you are a regular listener of The HartBeat Show Podcast, you may be familiar with our “Local Business Spotlight Series”.

Just in case you haven’t heard let me fill you in!

I am all for supporting our local small business owners and entrepreneurs. Now more than ever they depend on their local community members, and visitors. to help them keep offering the services we have come to know and love from them.

I wanted to do something to help our local SWFL business owners get the word out that they many of them are still open for business. And to share what makes their business unique, in the hopes that learning more about them and what they have to offer can bring in some new customers and share updates with their loyal fan bases.

City Tavern

In today’s episode I am talking with my buddy Kevin Offerman, about his place City Tavern.

If you haven’t been to City Tavern its an awesome pub style spot that has good food, cocktails, and a relaxed atmosphere with games like pool. They often have live music on the weekends too.

See You at City Tavern!
See You at City Tavern!

If you are looking for a new hot-spot to try or a way to support our local community members and our economy, I hope that you will check out this episode on City Tavern. If you like it, then head on over to our playlist HERE, where you can catch all of our past episodes.

Check out the video version below!

Live with Kevin Offerman of City Tavern

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It has never been a better idea to take a look at our neighbors in the community and see how we can help. Getting to know them a little bit better is a great start, and I hope this series can do just that.

As always thank you for watching, and thank you for listening!

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