Ep #88 Brendon Leslie of Uncovering SWFL

May 21, 2020

Uncovering SWFL with Brendon Leslie

The HartBeat Show Podcast

Brendon Leslie came across my radar a few months ago in a story. I looked into what he was doing and found it very interesting. He started out in corporate media in SWFL and quickly became disenfranchised with the business. That’s when decided to start his own journey as an independent journalist. He is now an Investigative Reporter who prides himself in taking his time on his stories and bringing the most valuable news to SWFL, instead of the fast news. He also has a collection of pretty awesome Pizza reviews!

Brendon Leslie Pizza Reviews

It was a very interesting talk and I think you will enjoy it if you want to get a peek behind the curtain of media. Tune in to listen to him explain why he left the corporate media world and what he is up to.

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Brendon is all over Social Media! Make sure you follow him on Facebook and Twitter to keep up with what he is doing in SWFL.

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