Ep #87 Talking Florida Politics & Coronavirus with State Rep Dane Eagle

May 14, 2020

Florida Politics with Dane Eagle

Lots of craziness going on in SWFL and District 77 Florida State Rep and Majority Leader in the House, Dane Eagle, was kind enough to come on and talk about several hot button topics for Florida.

The first few minutes are him recapping the Florida legislative agenda prior to the Coronavirus shutdown hitting Florida. The rest of the podcast is us discussing Coronavirus on the state and national level, the media, freedoms, unemployment, President Trump, Governor DeSantis, his run for Congress and a ton more.

Florida State Rep Dane Eagle

Full disclosures. I asked Dane Eagle to come on to talk about the Coronavirus and Florida. He agreed. Before we started the recording I mentioned that I wanted to talk about some Federal issues. Since he is running for Congress and he told me that he could talk about that but it could not as the Florida Majority Speaker. I thought that was really cool of him.

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If you liked this interview, then I bet you will like this throwback. a previous interview I did with Dane Eagle back in 2018 you can find that HERE!

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