04 Nov 2015

USDA Rural Development & USDA Home Loans

USDA Rural Development & USDA Home Loans

Worried About Your Down Payment?

With the economy in uncertain times you can buy a home and keep your hard earned money in the bank!

USDA Rural Development/USDA Loans

It is called by many names like No Money Down Mortgage, USDA Home Loans, Zero Down Mortgage or 100% Financing it is available and fairly easy to qualify!

Imagine buying your dream home with little to no money down with:

  • NO prepayment penalty
  • NO balloon
  • NO Adjustable Rate!
  • NO PMI
The Florida Real Estate Market is Begging You to Buy!

Is Your House in the Right Location?

The property has to be eligible for a USDA Rural Development Loan. If you don’t have a property picked out yet, let us know so we can point you in the right direction.

Do you make too much money?

Not a bad problem to have but it may keep you from qualifying for a USDA loan. There are certain income limits put into place depending upon the size of your family.

Florida Real Estate is One Huge Discount Sale and You Can Buy With No Money Down!

Since we are located in Lee County Florida we have become experts on USDA home loans.

The cities around us with areas that qualify for a USDA Loan are:

Lehigh Acres Real Estate, San Carlos Park Estate, Naples Real Estate, Marco Island Real Estate, Alva Real Estate, Golden Gate Estate Real Estate, Bonita Springs Real Estate, Estero Real Estate and many others!

Find Out Today if You Qualify for a USDA Loan!

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