The HartBeat Show Podcast

Ep #73 Explaining Mortgage Rates During the Coronavirus

I had my friend Jon Barnes on to talk about the current interest rate environment and how crazy it...

Ep #72 Overcoming Addiction With Kevin McAleer

So this one is a little deeper than I normally go with our podcasts but I thought it was a story...

Ep # 71 The Science of the Smile with Dr. Phill Kraver

When Dr. Phill approached me at our kids school about doing a podcast on the “Science of the Smile”...

Ep #70 Interview with SWFL Author: John Mills

Local Author and Attorney, John Mills, stopped by for an episode of The HartBeat Show.

Ep #69 Life of a Cape Coral K-9 Officer

Have you ever wondered about the life of a K-9 Police Officer?

Ep #68 Christmas Light Advice For Clark Griswold Wannabee’s

It’s time to put out the Christmas lights!

Ep #67 Video Interview With Mike Boylan of Mike's Weather Page

If you live in Florida or anywhere near a hurricane cone then you may know of Mike Boylan of Mikes...

Ep # 66 Florida’s Bigfoot: The Skunk Ape with Dave Shealy

I have always been fascinated with the Skunk Ape. Skunk Ape is basically Florida’s Bigfoot and is...

Ep #64 Life of a Photographer with Brian Tietz

I have been seeing Brian Tietz’s photos all over Gulfshore Life and Gulfshore Business and since he...

Ep #63 Lee County Property Appraiser Explained with Kenneth Wilkinson

Lee County Property Appraisers is run by long time Property Appraiser Ken Wilkinson.
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