p. #50 Top 5 Things YOU Can Do To Improve Water Quality in SWFL

by Tim Hart | May 2, 2019 5:06:00 PM

I got to spend some time with Captain Planet, Garret Stuart, founder of The Eco-Preservation Project.

This is one awesome interview and discussion about his life, the environment and then specifically talking about water quality issues in SWFl. If you have never seen Captain Planet on social media then you are missing out. He is always out there educating people on the environment in a easy to understand way.

The main part of this interview is him discussing the 5 things people in SWFL can do to help with water quality. Blue Green Algae and Red Tide were huge issues last year so I think you will find this interesting. These 5 things can be used anywhere so listen up world!

He goes into detail about septic tanks, reefs, organic and local food, fertilizers, Monsanto and mainly educating our youth and the apathy of adults. Lots of people want things to change and complain about it to everyone but when rubber meets the road and the work needs to be done they are nowhere to be found. I really felt that part of our conversation. I really hope you give this a listen because I think you will enjoy it. Especially the story of him giving a hug to a huge Biker guy in 7-11 and what happens afterwards…very cool story.



Make sure you connect with him Facebook or check out his website at https://theecopreservationproject.org/ He is available to speak at your kids schools, summer camps etc. Take him up on it. Your kids will love listening to the Captain! I want to include a couple links of products he mentioned in case you are interested. Use the promo code “captain” if you buy anything online. A portion of the proceeds go towards his Eco-Preservation Project. Bio-Feeder for your lawns: https://www.greenersolutionsfl.com/ Artificial Reefs for your docks: https://oceanhabitatsinc.com/

You can watch the full interview here...

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Thanks for everything! Please like the video and share it with someone that you think will enjoy it! Keep up the great work Captain Planet! Don't forget to Like and share this Podcast.

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