Ep. 72 Realtor Tips to Deal With Flood Insurance Changes

by Tim Hart | Oct 20, 2021 10:46:56 AM

Realtor Tips on Flood Insurance Changes with Brian Chapman of Chapman Insurance

Last week we put a video explaining the changes coming for flood insurance and this week I got a chance to talk with Brain Chapman of Chapman Insurance. We wanted to speak to Realtors and try to give you tips to help your Sellers and Buyers. These changes are coming and the increases are not going to be pretty.

Check out the episode to learn more.


Here are a few of the pointers that we discussed.

Sellers be prepared to provide their current flood policy so the new buyer knows the cost.

Seller without flood need to get a quote from FEMA and private so they can provide it to the buyers.

Buyers are going to be asking so you might as well be ready.

Buyers need to know if they are shopping in a flood zone so they can prepare

Have a relationship with an insurance company that can quote you quickly.

Those are some of the items we discussed. Hopefully this helps you make money, save money or save time. Hopefully all three! 😊

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