by Tim Hart | Jul 22, 2021 3:16:38 PM

I’ll admit it. Black Widow died in Avengers Infinity War and I didn’t care. She has always been my least favorite Avengers character. Zero super powers. She is basically Hawk Eye except really hot. Hawkeye moved ahead of her in the character I like the least category when he became a stone cold killer in Infinity War. Anyways, I was not excited about Black Widow and I was also not going to miss Black Widow. I will watch anything Marvel puts out right now.

I wrote all of that to write that I really enjoyed this movie. I think the main reason was her supporting cast. They were really solid. My man, Jim Hopper, from Stranger Things played the Red Guardian and was awesome. I honestly never heard of the Red Guardian but I’m a fan.

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The one thing that was disappointing was the main villain. Smart guy that was trying to take over the world but I wasn’t impressed.

My wife and daughter both loved Black Widows sister in the movie. This bodes well for that characters future because if they both liked her then I am sure others will.

Stay for the end credits. They are at the very end of the credits and not in the middle.

I give this a 680 credit score. FYI- Loki series was a 720.

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