3 Things Every Borrower Needs To Know!

by Tim Hart | Jun 10, 2021 3:37:31 PM

Going through the mortgage process can be stressful. Don’t let anyone tell you it is a cakewalk. Sometimes the process is ultra-smooth with zero issues and you barely know you bought a home. Others can be like a roller coaster at Busch Gardens. In this video I offer up three tips to help buyers prepare for the mortgage process.
Be Responsive
When you are going through the mortgage process your going to have quite a few things requested from you. Weather its your lender who needs some documents, the title company who needs to confirm your closing date, get back with them and get them what they need as soon as possible. The quicker you move, the quicker we can move and well get your loan over the finish line that much faster as soon as all your milestones are reached.
Don't Get in Your Own Way
When you  are getting a home loan, its not the time to make changes in your life that could negatively affect your loan approval. This means using your credit to make large purchases, (aka taking on new debt)  changing your job, quitting your job or accepting a new job, or getting some new credit cards just to name a few. If you are thinking of making one of these changes talk to your lender! Its super important that you play it safe while your loan is in process because any of the above decisions could mean we can't complete your loan, or at the least now you and your lender have a whole new set of potential roadblocks to navigate. Trust us its better safe then sorry, if you are unsure,  give us a call and well tell you if its a no go.
Be Patient
There are so many people coming together on your transaction to get you into your new home. From the Lender to the insurance company, the title insurance company

Hopefully this helps anyone looking to go through the mortgage process to have  the proper expectations as they move towards home ownership.

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