Very helpful in explaining the entire process.
Terry Mohr
Terry Mohr / Home Owner
Tim and John were very professional throughout the whole process and kept us informed each step of the way.
David Djerf & Robert Pellegrini
David Djerf & Robert Pellegrini / Home Owner
Very Satisfied, Amazing experience.
Karen Acebo
Karen Acebo / Home Owner
I found your company to be very professional and knowledgeable. If we we had questions or concerns your people were quick to respond with quality information. I never felt that we were a "number'. Very satisfied with our experience with your company and will recommend to friends and family.
Bruce & Sharon Driggers
Bruce & Sharon Driggers / Home Owner
Working with VanDyk Mortgage was amazing. Nothing short of top notch service. All questions were answered in a timely manner as well as very knowledgeable answers. Home ownership is a daunting task in which having an excellent team to work with is imaprative. VanDyke Mortgage is just that team!!! Tim Hart and John T. were always there to listen, as well as work for us like we were their only clients! I cannot say thank you enough!
Shannon & Audrey Hicks
Shannon & Audrey Hicks / Home Owner
This being our first home not knowing the process, everything was very easy to understand throughout the whole process.
Ryan & Lauren Clark
Ryan & Lauren Clark / Home Owner
Working with Tim & his team at Vandyke was an exceptional experience. His team was extremely thorough and made sure I understood what was happening in terms I could understand every step of the way. I cannot say enough about how wonderful the process was. I have worked with other lenders in the past, but Vandyke's level of expertise was second to none. I am planning on recommending him to everyone I can & look forward to working with him again in the future. Everything was made simple and easy. If we had questions, we got results right away.
Elizabeth & Michael Caffarelli
Elizabeth & Michael Caffarelli / Home Owner
Tim and John helped us every step of the way. They always answered our questions and got back to us on the same day or the next day. Tim was willing to help us with our closing costs and anything that might hold up the loan. We appreciate the help and attention they gave us
Sydney Murphree
Sydney Murphree / Home Owner
Tim and the staff at VanDyk Mortgage did an exceptional job with our mortgage process, I will refer my friends to them. I want to thank everyone at VanDyk for a seamless transaction.
Robbie Carney
Robbie Carney / Home Owner
Van Dyk mortgage more than exceeded my expectations. Typically most people will tell you how much of a hassle it is to go through the process of purchasing a home and i have heard some nightmare stories. But i have to say that my experiences were far from that. Throughout the entire process Tim and his team were there to assist me and were available to answer my questions and point me in the right direction quickly and timely. If in the future i decided to purchase another home i will definitely be giving my business to them. Thank You for all you did to make buying my home a enjoyable experience. My family thanks you!!!
Jeremy Schmidt
Jeremy Schmidt / Home Owner
At the beginning of this process Qualifying for a mortgage seem overwhelming. However working with Vandyke Mortgage Tim Hart make it seem so easy. With his expertise and knowledge, and calm approach through the process. Job well done.
Janet Wallace-Brown
Janet Wallace- Brown / Home Owner
"Tim Hart and Bill Minor were our dream team! Much thanks to Tim and his staff at VanDyk Mortgage for helping our dream become a reality.
Mandy & Joel  Zehnder
Mandy & Joel Zehnder / Home Owner
Tim and his team provided us with outstanding service. We are very pleased we selected them for our financing. They guided us through the entire mortgage process. Answered all our questions and communicated very well. We closed on our home without a hitch thanks to Tim. He also worked seamlessly with our realtor.
Daniel Brunell
Daniel Brunell / Home Owner
Tim's team was very friendly, informative, and helpful in assisting us with buying our first home. I would recommend Tim and his team to anyone. All staff were very prompt and professional. The process was explained in a way that could be easily understood.
Jacob & Erin Bowman
Jacob & Erin Bowman / Home Owner
Above and beyond amazing customer service. Thank you so much.
Carlos Troche
Carlos Troche / Home Owner
Tim and his team are real pros! They did such a great job of communicating and keeping me in the loop throughout process. Compared to 2 other past mortgages, this was simply the best service and exceeded my expectations on all fronts. Thanks Tim!
Benjamin Rath
Benjamin Rath / Home Owner
I cannot speak more highly of Tim at Van Dyk mortgage and his staff. They made my loan process so easy and actually educated me as to getting myself to a place where I did qualify. I had another other lenders say I would never be able to get a loan guess....what I own a home! I hear my friends and associates that have go be through crazy/terrible run around and their process took a long time...not with Tim at VanDyk. Thank you guys my family is sooooo happy!
Lyndsey Louchart
Lyndsey Louchart / Home Owner
You had us provide a wealth of information throughout the process however, it was never overly difficult nor unreasonable. Satisfying those requests for information were spread out and never overwhelming. Really happy about the weekly telephone updates keeping us informed as we progressed through the process. That personal touch was very meaningful because we could ask questions.
Betty & Arthur Powers
Betty & Arthur Powers / Home Owner