16 Mar 2017

Rates and Reels Episode #5: Jon Zehnder of St. Michael Lutheran Church

Rates and Reels Episode #5: Jon Zehnder of St. Michael Lutheran Church

Episode #5 of Rates & Reels with our special guest Pastor Jon Zehnder of St. Michael Lutheran Church and Saint Michael Lutheran School.

This episode we decided to mix it up and do some freshwater fishing on Lake Okeechobee targeting Largemouth Bass with our Captain Joey Berg. Pretty sure Joey knows everything about bass fishing on Lake O, but I’m biased because we are also friends.

The weather started out pretty rough, but once the rain stopped we were able to get a few hours of fishing in. We must of caught at least 30 bass on live shiners.

Looking forward to the next trip during the winter spawn next year. We will for sure be heading back for another trip.

Hope you enjoy the show!

Pastor Jon killed it during his interview where he talked about marriage, parenting and financing. Also, manages to somehow work in an Old Yeller reference. Great stuff!

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Find out more information about Pastor Jon Zehnder and Saint Michael Lutheran Church by visiting their website at http://www.smlcftmyers.com/

Our Captain this trip was Joey Beg of Dream Big Guided Tours. You can book a trip with him here if you are interested via Facebook at Joey Berg or on Instagram https://www.instagram.com/that_angler…/…

15 Mar 2017

Tax Liens vs Back Taxes

Tax Liens vs Back Taxes

“I have a tax lien/back taxes. Can I get an FHA mortgage?”

I get this question often and wanted to share with you the difference between the two and how they are treated in regards to an FHA mortgage.

Tax Liens: IRS has been trying to collect their money for a long time. A lien now shows up on their credit. They need to have a payment plan in place. There must be at least 3 monthly payments made and those payments can’t be prepaid. Payment plans will need to be included into the Debt to Income Ratio. The tax lien will subordinate automatically to the FHA mortgage.

Back taxes: This is normally tied to a more current tax year. They will need an established payment plan from the IRS. There is no established time frame required for payments so we only need the payment plan from the IRS. Monthly payment must be included in the Debt to Income Ratio.

Hopefully this helps you in your business, or Home Search.

01 Mar 2017

Letters from the Hart: March 2017

Letters from the Hart: March 2017


My dad passed away a few years ago, and he was one of the best baseball coaches and men I ever knew. His coaching journey started as the coach of the Cape Coral American Little League Orioles when I was 10 years old. Anyone who’s ever played a sport and had their dad as a coach knows how exciting and terrifying that is as a kid. Your Dad is always harder on you, and you make him mad because you listen to him less than you do other coaches. Good times for all involved … CONTINUE READING

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